Print Publications

Bingos Run, James Levine
Get Up, James Levine
The Vast And Brutal Sea, Zoraida Cordova
A Thorn Among Lilies, Michael Heibert
Seeders, A.J. Colucci
Play Me Backwards, Adam Selzer
The Best Medicine, Elizabeth Hayley
Heart of Gold, Beverly Jenkins
The Lady Meets Her Match, Gina Conkle
Ever After, Rachel Lacey
The Blue Notebook, James Levine
The Spring Bride, Anne Gracie
The Wild Inside, Christine Carbo
To Dwell In Darkness, Deborah Crombie
Magic Shifts, Ilona Andrews
Bound By Flames, Jeaniene Frost
After The Storm, Linda Castillo
Mad Bad and Dangerous In Plaid, Suzanne Enoch
Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue, Victoria Thompson

Our eBooks

The Untouchables , J.J. McAvoy
Highland Jewel , Lois Greiman
The English Witch , Loretta Chase
Faked to Death , Dean James
Manor of Death , Leslie Caine
Fabulously Dead , Lindsay Maracotta
No Use Dying Over Spilled Milk , Tamar Myers
Shadows at Midnight, Amanda Bonilla
Clean Sweep , Ilona Andrews
Magic Breaks, Ilona Andrews

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