Natanya Wheeler

Natanya Wheeler
Natanya is an agent at NYLA as well as director of digital rights.

She is particularly interested in literary fiction that touches on current events and multicultural issues; dark psychological thrillers, cozy mysteries, book club fiction and domestic suspense. Above all, characterization and voice are what grab her attention. She loves to find new writers and does not shy away from debut talent.

For nonfiction, Natanya would love to find authors with strong platforms who write about nature, the human mind women’s issues or animals.

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Bingos Run, James Levine
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Makass, James Levine
Shaedes of Gray, Amanda Bonilla
Vengeance Borne, Amanda Bonilla
Scorched Soul, Donna Grant
Against The Dawn, Amanda Bonilla
The Blue Notebook, James Levine
Black Rainbow, J.J. McAvoy
Stripped Bear, Kate Baxter
One Kiss More, Mandy Baxter